A Three-in-One Story

This entry is part 41 of 51 in the series Panchatantra Tales

Once upon a time, there was a popular king called Nanda. His people respected him for his learning and valor. He had a prime minister called Vararuchi who was well versed in diplomacy and statecraft. Vararuchi’s wife was one day annoyed with her husband and kept away from him. Extremely fond of his wife, the prime minister tried to please her.

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The Blotted Escutcheon and the Soiled Ermine

This entry is part 175 of 177 in the series Fantastic Fables

A Blotted Escutcheon, rising to a question of privilege, said:

“Mr. Speaker, I wish to hurl back an allegation and explain that the spots upon me are the natural markings of one who is a direct descendant of the sun and a spotted fawn. They come of no accident of character, but inhere in the divine order and constitution of things.”

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The Ingenious Patriot

This entry is part 174 of 177 in the series Fantastic Fables

Having obtained an audience of the King an Ingenious Patriot pulled a paper from his pocket, saying:

“May it please your Majesty, I have here a formula for constructing armour-plating which no gun can pierce. If these plates are adopted in the Royal Navy our warships will be invulnerable, and therefore invincible. Here, also, are reports of your Majesty’s Ministers, attesting the value of the invention.

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