The Story of Sun God (Surya Dev)

Part 2 of total 9 stories in the book Stories of Planets.

Om Japaa kusuma Shankaasam
Kaasyapeyam mahathyuthim
thamorim sarva papagnam
pranadosmin diwakaram

Surya’s Bija Mantra
The Bija mantra is most powerful and potent, ensure physical and mental cleanup and purity before chanting this mantra.
Om Hraam Hreem Hraum saha suryaya namaha

About Surya:
Surya goes around an apamandala(ecliptic path) making a big solar circle around Lord Vishnu’s Naabhi(Navel). Surya holds the other planets in gravitational position in their orbits and they revolve around Surya. As surya goes away from Vishnu’s naabhi, adharma (bad deeds) in the world increase and as surya gets closer to vishnu’s naabhi, the dharma (good deeds) increase.

The Hindu scriptures state that our ancestors dwell in the sun and he is the first of eight vasus. Surya represents consciousness and is a luminous mass of light, whose consciousness is represented by a Kshatriya driving a seven horsed chariot that represents the seven rays of sunlight.

The sun enters capricorn (Makara) in January and moves in a north direction, known as Uttarayana, and dakshinayana begins when the sun enters Cancer (Kataka).

The sun represents your Ego (Atman), and influences your behavior to become strong,authoritative, royal and original.

The story of SUN God:
Lord Brahma began creating the universe, as he created seven rishis (sages), he instructed them to aid him in his creation by engaging in procreation. The seven rishis are Vashishta, Marichi, Pulastya, Pulaha, Atri, Angiras and Kratu. Kashyapa is the son of Marichi, he married the 13 daughters of Daksha-prajapathi. Kashyapa created Andanar, Kshatriyar, Arakkar, Maanudar and many more rishis in the procreation process.

Kashyapa’s 1st wife out of the 13, is Aditi, who gave birth to 12 sons, and by the blessings of Lord Vishnu, they united to become one and came to be known as Surya. Lord Vishnu asked Surya to become the chief of the Navagrahas. It is also believed that Vishnu himself incarnated as Surya, and hence the name Suryanarayana.

As the procreation happened in large numbers, the process of creation, protection and destruction of the lives and the process of recording the karmas (deeds) of each life, whether good or bad was needed, and hence, 6 more grahas were created, Chandra, Kuja, Budha, Guru, Shukra and Shani. Rahu and Ketu were created later, after the great churn of the ocean. Thus came into being the 9 grahas called the Navagrahas, with Surya being their leader.

Being the eldest son of Kashyapa, Surya ruled Jambu Dweepa (Asian continent). Surya got married to Samugnya who gave birth to surya’s sons – Vaivashvata manu, Yama, twins Ashwini Devas and a sister Yamuna. Samugnya could not tolerate the heat of Surya and so she created a shadow of her called Chaayadevi left her with Surya and silently returned to her father’s home. Chaayadevi looked exactly like Samagnya and Surya could not make out that she is a shadow. He lived with Chaayadevi and she gave birth to 2 sons, Saavarni Manu and Shani, and 2 daughters, Dhabadhi and Viyati. Chaayadevi began ill-treating her stepsons after she gave birth to her sons and this made Yama angry and he kicked Chaayadevi with his leg. Chaayadevi cursed Yama that his legs get rotten over time, and as time went by, Yama’s legs began to rot and the distressed Yama sought his father Surya’s help to remove the curse on him. Surya advised Yama to meditate and propitiate Lord Shiva to get the curse removed. Yama did severe penance and pleased Lord Shiva and received his blessings and came to be known as YamaDharma and Lord Shiva crowned him as the Lord of Death – YamaDharma.

After this incident, Surya doubted that a true mother will never curse her son and went to Chaayadevi to ask her why she did this to Yama, and learned the truth that she was a shadow. Surya immediately went to Samagnya and persuaded her to come back to his home, to which, Samagnya asked Surya to reduce his heat, and Surya agreed and dropped his heat and they returned home together. The heat that Surya reduced, split into 3 portions and the first portion went to Lord Vishnu as his Sudarshan Chakra (Divine Disc) and the second went to Lord Shiva as his Trishoolam (Trident) and the 3rd went to Lord Indra in Heavens as his Vajra (Thunderbolt).

Surya adopted Arunan, his younger mother’s son, as his charioteer, driving the 7 horses led divine chariot. As Surya begins his journey from the EAST to the WEST, his younger grandfather named Kratu’s (one of the seven rishis) 60,000 children known as Vaalkilyars, who are only the size of a human thumb, devotedly follow his divine chariot, chanting Surya’s mantras (chants or hymns) from the EAST to the WEST, daily, asking Surya to bless the human beings on earth with good rays for the human benefit and to this day, Lord Surya, daily appeased by Vaalkilyars chants, shines beneficial rays on this mother earth.

The Story of Sun God (Surya Dev) – Hindu Mythology Stories

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