Power of one percent improvement

Two young men were accused of stealing a cow of a farmer. Both men pleaded innocence with the jury. A Trial by Combat was delivered stating the one who could carry a cow that of similar size of the stolen cow and walk a mile will be declared innocent and the another would be beheaded. As per the village rules, the D-day was fixed exactly one year from then until which the two accused will be ostracized by the village.

The two men left village, one with a cow weighing 150kg and another carried a calf. After a year both appeared for justice on the judgement day. The first man said, “I tried lifting the cow all this year with the sincerest of efforts. I had nutrient rich food and starved the cow yet it’s too heavy to lift let alone walk a mile carrying it. We both will die”.

The second who left the village carrying the calf made it a habit to carry the calf wherever he roams every single day all this year. The calf grew to a heavy cow on his shoulder. This man had no trouble walking a mile with the cow on his shoulder. The 1% improvement everyday saved his life.


Moral of the story

Keep improving one percent everyday.