Keep loin-cloth out to dry

A Guru was so impressed by the spiritual progress of his disciple that, judging he needed no further guidance, he left him on his own a little hut on the banks of a river. Every morning after his ablutions the disciple would hang his loin-cloth out to dry. It was only his possession. One day

The best time today

Once upon a time there was a young man who used to meditate all day about the meaning of life. Most of the time he was pondering about the most important thing in life, because he thought the gravity of important issues could more easily lead people beyond the exterior of existence, and disclose to

The three saints who invented prayer

Three men became very famous saints in Russia. The highest priest of the country was very much disturbed — obviously, because people were not coming to him, people were going to those three saints, and he had not even heard their names. And how could they be saints? — because in Christianity a saint is