Who Am I ?

Once upon a time Swami Vivekanand told that “Each soul is potentially divine”, so with regard to it I am a divine soul.

Apart from it, I am an IT professional making my bread on IT stuff.

To cut long story in short, I am a thinker who is busy thinking different aspects of life, human behavior and a lot more things that comes in my ways.

After passing half of my life for securing bread for old age, I am now come to a decision that finally I want to pursue my dream and that is to write some stories, stories that will bring change in the society on a positive side.

Already started something on this and will keep updated on my blog about it.

I have started searching who am I ? Searching since long actually but didn’t found the answer, apart from the mundane identity I have. So this is a quest for me and in my journey of life I have a faith that once I will find who am I.


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