Who Am I

So you want to know about me ?

Who am I ?  Do you know who are you ?

We are always trying to know about everybody around us and in the quest to know about others we forget our own self.

We forget our virtues in a quest to earn money, we forget our relatives in a quest to win the race we are running in, and we forget our history in a quest to conquer our future.

I am always thinking about myself, the purpose of my life and how would I contribute to the society, to my family and how I would attain salvation of my soul which is my ultimate goal.

My main hobbies are reading and writing. I mostly keep distance from social media sites because my soul teaches me that the more I know myself the more I know the world.

Welcome to my world where I will explore some unknown part of the world and that is you. I will explore your inner self which will help you to become a complete.

Come with me in the journey of exploring the true you, for that I will take help of some stories, some situations, some facts and some philosophy which will changed your soul.

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Good Luck.

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